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Erelapan 6 days ago

Steamed Mussels

SO GOOD! It's perfectly drenched in garlic butter and a white wine sauce, served with the most beautiful bread and and the portion is HUGE. It's now something I crave on a nearly weekly basis.

Augustalind 24 days ago

Artichoke Ravioli

The artichoke is cooked perfectly inside these delicious ravioli! The buttery sauce is perfect for soaking up with the amazing bread served with every meal.

Sonbrittany 28 days ago

American Style Kobe Burger

Every Friday. Our dinner menu starts with the Americans style Kobe Burger! It's so delicious. Medium rare. The first bite is just juicy and full of flavor!

Nikkolinakam about 1 month ago

Steamed Clams

This place is THE SPOT. Great service every time, and seriously delicious food and beer. Strawberry blonde, Banana Hefeweizen... some of the best beer I've ever had.

Dmariajames about 2 months ago

Apple Brie Flatbread

The Apple Brie Flatbread is amazing! Everything we have tried has been so tasty! The staff is very friendly too!

Chaneljbutler1 about 2 months ago

Garlic Chicken Pasta

From the Garlic Chicken Pasta to the Fish and Chips. I have so many favorites but these two in particular are AWESOME ! I highly recommend locals and visitors to see what this place has to offer. This place is well worth it when it comes to spending your money and I plan to bring colleagues there my next visit.

Mikestrada25 about 2 months ago

Spinach Artichoke Dip

This is one of my favorite spots in town to come to. The vibe is always pretty mellow, service is on point and their beers are amazing. Everyone knows about the strawberry blonde, and I am in love with it. You really can't beat the view they have as well, perfect for date night or if you just wanna relax and watch the sunset. I really wish I could bring my dog here, that's the only thing that hurts for me. I understand it just can't happen sometimes though. Looking forward to our next visit!

Eljaibo about 2 months ago

Shrimp Diablo

Delicious spicy shrimp and the brews are excellent. The Lager is refreshing but the amber ale is in my opinion the most flavorful.

Kpasanski 2 months ago

Beyond Burger (Vegan)

The food is always top notch, as well as their service. We stop in for dinners but more regularly, lunch. Today we were seated by the hostess and handed menus. After deciding what we'd have we sat and waited for our server to approach us, but he never did. I turned and asked the group of servers if anyone was working this table. Joplin realized we hadn't been served by the person assigned to our table and instinctively took over, apologizing for the wait. Immediately, we knew Joplin was a professional, taking on an extra table far from her section just to satisfy the customer. She was very empathetic, personable, knowledgeable of the menu, and in an instant had our orders taken, waters on the table and hot bread and butter on the way! Thanks BBC for another enjoyable experience!

Valentina.Kunasz 3 months ago

Ahi Tuna Salad

This salad was fresh, beautiful and delicious! You could tell the ahi was super fresh and the finish of the dish was so pretty I didn't want to dive in and disturb the aesthetic lol. Would definitely come back for this dish!

Susan 3 months ago

"The Works" Skillet

Would like to know the carbs, calories, etc. However, very enjoyable. Next time, pancakes.

Jessica.Reppucci 5 months ago


So fresh and yummy!!

Ilovejudysreef 7 months ago

Steamed Clams

Loved it. Best beer and clams that I feel I have ever had!

Greatgb1 20 days ago

Steamed Mussels

So good and so satisfying when sopping up all that delicious white wine broth with the awesome house bread!

Jsmice 25 days ago

Chicken Bleu Salad

The salad is delicious- the flavors work so well together! The apple compliments the cheese and the chicken provides enough protein that you feel like you had a meal without feeling stuffed. I'd definitely have it again , but there's plenty other things I want to try too.

Franz about 1 month ago


Bright with a fresh strawberry bouquet that fills the nose. Crisp in the mouth. It's me and my Precious' favorite!

Artrenityb about 2 months ago

American Style Kobe Burger

Group of five, visited during happy hour. We had wine and beer, Burgers and several items from the happy hour menu. Everything was just fine.

Georgeljackson about 2 months ago


One of my favorite beers ever! Wish I could have it more often. Goes great with any of the food too, all of which is very good.

Chughe22 about 2 months ago

Pepperoni Flarbread

I was actually shocked because bar flatbread can be hit or miss. This was quite delicious.

Acvr8n about 2 months ago

Calamari Fritti

I like their calamari fritti there is really good.

Snaily1969 about 2 months ago

Artichoke Ravioli

Had a graduation dinner here last night. First time we've been here. Food was delicious, service was excellent, and view was stunning. Made for an awesome evening for our party of 9. Thanks for helping us make this a memorable day for our son.

Dmosterlind 2 months ago

Baked Tuscan Tomato Soup

This is my absolute favorite tomato soup in the universe. There is nothing better than sitting on the patio with the cool ocean breeze enjoying a warm bowl of tomato soup and a glass of wine. Even when I am not there eating it, I am thinking about the next time that I get to go there and eat it! :-)

Mjmartell 3 months ago

Lobster Bisque

It's a MUST TRY!!!!

Jessica.Reppucci 5 months ago

Shrimp Diablo

if you love spicy, try this!

Cpthookis 6 months ago

Smoked Salmon Benedict

AMAZING.... have to go back again soo for more!!!